Privacy Policy

The Patternish app collects anonymous user data to help us understand how many people are using the app and what features are being used the most. If this really bothers your sensibilities, at this point the only way to prevent this is to put your phone into Airplane Mode while you are using the app. Doing so will prevent any data being sent to the server while you use the app. When you're done with the app you can just quit it and turn Airplane Mode off. In a future update we will build in the ability to opt-out of data collection. At no time will we ever sell this data to a 3rd party.

Your privacy will always be respected, however by using the app you consent to providing us and Google with anonymous feedback, which is important to help improve the product. We can't vouch for what Google does with it though. Rest assured, it's probably to help build their robot driving army.

We have implemented the Google Analytics platform into Patternish, which collects the following information: